I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the oyster knives you sent me last year.
My wife and I spend about 4 months a year in Mexico.  On the reef in front of the house we are lucky enough to have an abundance of large warm water oysters. Your knives are perfectly designed and shaped to allow me to open these otherwise difficult bivalves.  It is especially helpful to have a strong tip.  In the past we have struggled with this process but no more.  I had a few photos for you but alas they have been lost.  Maybe next time.  Thank you again for making such an exceptional and well designed product.
All the best,


Hi Chris,

We got the knife last week and it is so beautiful! My Dad loves it! Thank you so much for your care and attention in crafting this for him.  If you ever find yourself near the Eastern Shore of Virginia we hope you’ll stop by and visit our oyster farm.




Hi Chris,

My Stono arrived yesterday - It is EXQUISITE! And Rick absolutely loved it! I could not be more pleased and I thank you for the extra care you took in ensuring it's arrival. By the way, when he saw the box, he recognized your logo and got Really excited. He said - "This guy makes good stuff!" What is it about this stuff that makes you guys act like kids? ;) Thanks again and next time I am in Charleston, I'd love to see your shop!




I just wanted to let you know how delighted my husband was with the Savannah knife. I feel so lucky that you had one available. Your work is amazing and he really appreciates a work of art.  Thanks again and Happy New Year!

~Sande Calkins



My wife got me a Williams knife for Christmas this year. Simply, I love it. I'm a bit of a traditionalist so appreciate the craftsmanship involved in creating my new skinner knife and I look forward to applying it for its intended purpose beit for hot or deer.

Thank you very much for your counsel in helping my wife select a knife for me. I wouldn't change a thing.

Best regards and good hunting.

~Bruce Wakeman

May Skinner


OH. MY. GOD. I just received my knife, and you seriously outdid yourself! There are no words. This thing is truly a work of art! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to put it to work. Have a great holiday, and whenever you have a minute, let me know about the spring. We’re definitely going to head your way.

~Cliff Raymond



We received our knives today and they are even better than we expected. Thank you so much for your incredible work! We will send pics soon. Thanks again!

~James D Cooper



Just picked up Osceola and Chechessee from Marc at The Sporting Gent. I am, once again, thrilled by your workmanship. I never thought I would say that Randall Made Knives better watch out!

All the best,

~Jere Baxter

Osceola, Chechessee


The knife is safely here, and it is absolutely beautiful! Burnes is delighted, and I cannot thank you enough. It is truly lovely in every way. Thanks again for a superb job. We will be back for more!




The knives are awesome! We already had someone try and steal one, caught them and they ended up buying it out of shame…..Hilarious! Anyways, thanks for designing the perfect knife for my restaurant, they are beautiful. Thank you!

~Matthew Lafountain
Chef De Cuisine - Colt & Alison


Good afternoon Chris, the knife came today and it is so great! You are an amazing craftsman. I really appreciate you including the note. Thank you so much, you were a pleasure to work with.


Black Mingo


Totally awesome, you rock! My daughter says, "They're killer!" A beautiful job. 
Thank you for working with me on this. Definitely heirloom quality. 



Received my knife today and I am very impressed.

If everyone, especially in the movie business, took such pride in workmanship, creativity and precision the world would definitely be a better and more satisfied place.

I will put it to good use in Connecticut this July and keep you posted.

All the best.

~Lary Simpson


It arrived yesterday…prettier than I had imagined! It’s heavier than I had initially suspected, and it arrived quicker than I thought it would. This is a stout little knife! Funny enough, it’s probably gonna pull double duty as my sgian dubh, or “black knife” for highland dress. The weather needs to cool off so that oyster season comes back around!
Thanks again, this will serve as a continual reminder of my years in Charleston.
~Aaron B

Beyond description in excellence of craftmanship and service…..
priceless might be close.

 Hello Chris, Best crappie machine I ever owned. Glad I got 2 Wando’s, love them!!!
~Kenneth Hartzel

Chris, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for beautiful piece of working art. There isn’t an oyster made that this knife can’t open.
I appreciate you going the extra mile.
~Mike M.
 Selecting a fillet knife is much like selecting a shotgun. It has to do the job, but in doing so develop beauty all on its own…The “Chechessee” that you made for me did that during its first moment on the cutting board…then again on the diamond steel…then again in my minds eye as I surveyed the fillets and sipped a decent, dark rum.

For a artist/craftsman such as yourself, a “Thank You” is nice to receive, but the true reward is that the recipient of your work is really USING IT. Mine will certainly not be handed down to the next generation…I plan to wear it out all by myself!
Oh…and by the way…Thanks!
~Flip Pallot

Just wanted to send a quick note to say the knife is fantastic. I love it. Amazing job!


 Ok. Just got em. All I can say is WOW!!! Exceeded my expectations. I am so happy. Worth the wait. I hope they cut as good as they look.


Hi Chris,

Just got back from a business trip and got to open the package. What a beautiful piece. You truly are an artist and a master craftsman and I am sure my friend is going to enjoy this very much. I was surprised by how much pink and iridescence there was in the pearl. Beautiful stuff.
~Joe W.

 I am going nuts over this knife, HUGE thanks!!!! I’m calling you in a few. Man, it is a beautiful piece of art. It’s the perfect size and I love the thickness of the handle… The wood is beautiful… I could go on and on. Thank you very very much.



The only thing I can say is WOW!!!!!!! It is absolutely beautiful. It is a true piece of art. I love the weight and the flat areas of the handle for twisting leverage. I am proud to be the owner of one of your knives. Thank you and congratulations!

 Chris, just got home from AL. The oyster knife is gorgeous. I am wowed! Thank you. I treasure it. Thank you so much.



Received my knife today and its crazy awesome!!! What a knife-just an amazing combination of materials, colors, finishes and a great design. I really DO like it. Your previous picture when u asked me about your offer to own one, just did not do it justice. So pleased and fortunate to own this knife…now I have one to hand down to each of my sons! Great heirlooms…proud to own them.

Planning on turkey hunting in Alabama and then Florida in late March before our season in NC starts (April 13).Cannot wait…will try to get u a pic w/ one of these knives and a bird. Thanks again for being so generous Chris. I plan to be in Charleston in late May so maybe I can figure out some time to come and meet you.
Will stay in touch…

Best Regards…

 May Skinner
Hi Chris,

I just received my special-edition Edisto oyster knife in Jade from Southern Tide. Absolutely Stunning!! Thanks.

There may be no oysters in Hell but I am going to buried with it anyway. Cause ya just never know…. And it just wouldn’t be Heaven without them.

Put me on your mailing list. I do like your work.


Well not sure I can thank you enough. The knife is amazing and if I tell you he loved it, it would be an understatement. He is 49 years old, and true story, I got into bed that night and he said, “do you want to hold my knife?” I said,”what?” He holds out his hand and he is holding your knife. Hahaha. Regular boy scout. He wore it all the next day, showed his guys in the shop and anyone else who would humor him and wears it every day.

Thank you again, it’s beautiful.

Chris we got the knife and it is beautiful. My son will be proud to call it his own…once he gets a few more years behind him. Thank you.


Hello Chris,

Today I received my latest additon to my “Williams Collection”. This is my third order for your functional art and I know that future generations will enjoy your craft as much as I curretly do.
~Ed Kenreich

I’ve got a custom Edisto that makes me happy even when I’ve got no Oysters! Need I say more? LOVE IT!!!


A few months ago my boyfriend seriously injured himself out hunting and had to have all the tendons in his left wrist repaired. He still has very little range of motion and strength in that hand. In anticipation of his Christmas present, I started planning a small oyster feast for New Year’s Eve. He seemed depressed, and said he didn’t know if he would be able to shuck oysters this year. After he opened his gift this morning, he was all excited about the party. He can’t wait to try the knife out! We both just keep pulling it out and looking at it, it is such a beautiful piece, and just exudes class and craftsmanship. Thank you for making such a beautiful gift for my boyfriend, and helping in his long road to recovery! It is just so nice to see him looking forward to something.

~Michelle S.

 These are not knives they are works of art. Such wonderful additions to the kitchen. Each of these makes you want to use them more and more. Hard to use any other item than Chris William’s chef d’oeuvres. Bravo

~Paul B.

We purchased one of your incredible knives for a Christmas gift for our Louisiana son and were amazed at the craftsmanship and artistry. He is an oyster fanatic and was thrilled with his gift! Thank you for help with the selection, and mostly for keeping the ”Made with Pride in America,” tradition alive. Well done sir.

~Tom Butcher

Ordered the Knife and spoon online and Chris got them to me very quickly! The quality of the knife is better than anything else that we own- not to mention that the attention to detail and design is beautiful! Talked to Chris several times and he restores my faith in customer service! He goes above and beyond what most people consider good customer service and is a true professional. Anyone looking for a great knife please give him a chance and his products and service will beat all expectations!


Chris, Just wanted to let you know that the gift arrived on Friday, December 21. The knife was beautiful and looked like an elf blade from Tolkein! It made a great gift and my spouse was pleased! We are going to pick up a small pack of oysters this weekend for him to shuck. Thanks!


I should have emailed long before now. The knives are beautiful and Frank loves them. We will be testing them out on friends tomorrow night! Thank you again.


Just wanted to let you know the 4 filet knives arrived yesterday. Beautiful work! Thank you! They will be so surprised :) Merry Christmas.

- Sandi

My family has an elaborate and meat-laden Thanksgiving feast, with each member of the family responsible for a variety of dishes and side-dishes, each one cooked and served not just as an individual piece of deliciousness but as an integral part of a larger ritual. My father’s responsibility was to cook whole beef tenderloins. He used his own secret marinade, the recipe of which he guarded carefully. I have a picture of him with an electric carving knife held up in the air, an enormous smile on his face. The tenderloin is the centerpiece of the feast. When my father died a few years ago, my mom gave his three brothers, along with my brother and I, a framed copy of the marinade recipe. That’s the place this particular meal holds in my family. It is a communion now, a way to remember. It’s now my job to cook the tenderloins, and I’ve gone from being almost sick with stress over messing it up to being comfortable with this task, an annual act of love. Last year, his electric carving knife finally died and I wanted to replace it with something as permanent and tangible as the recipe, as his memory. My dad and his brothers grew up on a farm in South Mississippi and a barn there had recently collapsed. I got a cousin to send me a box of wood from that building and I sent it to Chris Williams with a request: make a carving knife for the beef tenderloin out of my dad’s old barn. He did, and before I used mine to slice the meat this year, I gave knives to each of my dad’s living brothers. When my uncle Will saw it, and heard the story, and held this piece of his family in his hands, he cried. That’s the essence of Chris’ knives: heirlooms, connections between then and now. The pieces he created for my family will be handed down, long after we are all gone.

- Wright Thompson, ESPN

Chris, I received my order. My son will love this knife. It is excellent craftsmanship. Thank you & have a good holiday.

- Kim McMahon

 May Skinner
Chris, I will forever be grateful to you for making the most meaningful gift that I could have even presented to my precious son, Skylar. Your craftsmanship is remarkable!!! Please know how very much I appreciate how hard you worked to get that knife to me in time for his birthday!!! You are the BEST!!! We look forward to meeting you one day soon. Namaste,

- Deni Ashby

Chris, I am beyond delighted! I received your knife yesterday and it was truly a work of art! Stunning, absolutely beautiful! The red liner was a beautiful choice, I left it up to you and you picked my favorite color. I loved your suggestion with the burl wood, it is gorgeous. Thank you for your hard work, your attention to detail and making people happy. I can’t wait to see David’s expression on Christmas morning. I am going to send you a photo of the knife in action over the holidays. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

- Katherine

Hey Chris,

I was so excited to receive my “secret” Christmas gifts today for my husband and son-in-law! They are truly gorgeous works of art and so personal that I know they are destined to become family heirlooms with their own tales of lore! You do spectacular work and I just love them! I will send you a photo of my guys when they open them and their looks of total awe! Have a wonderful holiday season!
- Marie

The oyster knives just arrived and they are a beautiful work of craftsmanship. I know my sons will be so pleased. Thanks for your prompt service, I will be ordering another one a little later for my husband’s birthday in June. Have a wonderful holiday.

- Pam K.

Hi Chris! Wanted to let you know that our friend, Erik, received his knife and went NUTS! He loves it and was so touched—blown away by your craftsmanship and the beauty of the knife and can’t wait to go fishing. Thanks again for making this happen so quickly and helping us give the perfect gift!!

- Maria White

Hey Chris, hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I apologize in being to tardy in acknowledging receipt of my brother’s gift, the Edisto oyster knife. It is truly, truly a thing of beauty. Thank you so much.

- Lesly Livengood

Chris, my cousin recently asked me to send him some wood salvaged from our old family barn so you could make 4 knives for our family that would be special and ones we would cherish and pass down to generations to come. I received one of these this past weekend. I am sooo pleased with it. It has great fit and balance, and is by far the sharpest knife in the kitchen! My dad was the oldest of the 4 brothers and has passed. He was a master of the grill and would have cherished this piece of art almost as valuable as his homemade BBQ sauce…that speaks volumes for your work! Thanks again for such a nice piece! I will gladly recommend Williams Knife Co. to all my cooking comrades. Best to you!

- John Thompson

Chris, I meant to email you the day it arrived, but my husband’s oyster knife arrived and it is beautiful! He is going to be thrilled as this will be a total surprise for his Christmas gift. Thank you so much – he’s going to love taking it to upcoming oyster roasts!

Product(s) Purchased: Edisto Oyster Knife
- D. Smith

We were in the middle of a new home construction project when we saw the article on Williams Knife’s in Garden & Gun. Nearing the end of our project, and a FINE project it was, and becoming good friends with our builder, Reif Marler, we wanted to give him a gift. Remembering the Garden & Gun article, & Reif being a big oyster fan, we thought a personalized Edisto Oyster knife would be the perfect gift. Upon finishing our final walk-thru Reif asked us if we knew anything about the oyster knife he had received in the mail, he had already called Chris and been told who sent it to him. All that said, I wish I had had a camera to have taken pictures of Reif when he showed his beautiful Edisto Oyster knife to us. The grin was from ear to ear!

Chris and all at Williams Knife, thanks so much!

- Michael & Donita Todd

Dear Chris and all the fine folks at Williams Knife Co,

Thank you so much for the beautiful knife. Seeing it in person confirms the quality, durability, and elegance your knives exude. Please don’t hesitate to call on me if there is anything I can do for you. I wish each of you a wonderful Fall and holiday season.
- Josh Wolfe

I received my May Skinner and could not be more pleased with the workmanship and the aesthetics. I opened the box with my wife and 3 year old little girl. My little girl was impressed with the knife but also your logo, which she thinks is especially cool.

- Tim Sanders

May Skinner
My brother and I received two Edisto Oyster knives a few weeks ago. We had the chance to put them to the test last weekend during a big family oyster roast. After cooking 5 bushels of oysters and being put on shucking duty, we literately shucked every oyster with our Edisto’s and I have never seen a better performing knife. Not only is this beauty a piece of art that you can be proud of, this knife does the job. We received more comments on our knives then we did on how good the oysters were. I highly recommend this product and promise you will not be disappointed. Big thanks to Chris Williams and the WKC crew for putting out great quality products. Keep up the good work buddy!

- Nathan Propst

Chris made me a skinning knife for hunting. If anyone skins deer, hogs, or bear, you know how dull your knife will get in a short period of time. I have skint numerous animals with this knife, and it is still super sharp. I told Chris it was too pretty to use and he said he makes his knives to use. It’s the best knife I have ever had. If you are looking for a well built and functional knife, then I would encourage you to order a knife from Williams Knife Company.You will not be disappointed. Thanks Chris for an awesome knife.

- Lane Crooks

I just received the Edisto Oyster knife that I ordered for my wife’s birthday. It is incredible, beautiful beyond words. Everyone from the Low Country who loves Oysters should own one, if not for yourself, for your significant other. It will insure that your oysters aren’t wasted.

- Will Scott

Yesterday was like Christmas when I was a child. The UPS truck pulled into my yard just like Santa Clause. He delivered a box with my knives from Chris. I was blown away, they are really beautiful works of art with a lot of sentiment, particularly since the handles are make from black walnut my father cut over 50 yrs ago. Although they are art, I fully intend to get them dirty and use them as they are intended. This has really wetted my appetite and I now have my eye on a Sachahatchie filet knife and a couple of oyster knives. After having met Chris, I realized what a good guy he is and one that is dedicated to his profession. To create these knives takes patience, expertise, and the personality to deal with people like me. Thanks again for my Christmas, Chris.

- Bill Laney

 Ashepoo & Coosawhatchie
I got a couple fillet knives from Chris. Not only did they make short work of a bunch of fish, they are also a work of art. I gave one to a friend of mine (obviously a very GOOD friend) and he uses it on those big king salmon we catch on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY. But the thing I really like about Williams Knives is dealing with Chris. A true gentleman in every sense of the word. I can’t wait to get Chris to make a nice hunting knife next. Thank you, Chris!

- Jay Affinito

Selfishly I don’t want to increase the demand, but Chris made two Damascus blades for a very special day. The workmanship was excellent and his ability to create a work of art that can slice a hair is incredible. These are treasured and I am getting ready to get back in the queue to order again.

- Marshall

Damascus Edisto
 My father was a man who loved wood, especially black walnut. He was a farmer by profession and owned and had access to land. He began finding walnut trees and cutting them over the years and storing the ruff cut boards in an unused grain silo. My father has been dead for many years now but the wood is still stored. I read about Chris and asked him if he would make some knives for me out of some of this wood. Long story short , I recently received two Saccahatchie filet knives both with personal engravings. I gave one to my best friend and one to my older brother. My best friend actually cried when I presented it to him. My brother was astounded and I was very, very pleased. Now I want my own knife and am anxious to actually meet Chris.

- Bill Laney

Once upon a time, I photographed women for magazines, ranging from Playboy to Vogue (with covers on each). Now, at age 75, and because I made some BIG mistakes in business, I’ve both taken up learning to cook my own meals (no more dining out), and have decided to pursue food photography in an attempt to earn a living.

I look for beautiful ”props” as I work to build my portfolio of food photos. Along the way, I discovered the gorgeous range of knives by Chris Williams. Though it took me six months to pay it off, I bought an Edisto oyster knife from Chris. Fully intending to use it only as a prop, I asked a friend to bring by some oysters the other night (this time to eat, not for a photo).

Some time ago, I bought a Dexter Russell oyster knife to shuck oysters for photography. Though the Dexter Russell is an inexpensive knife, it is highly regarded. And I was able to pry open an oyster in about 4 or 5 minutes.

So, the other night, when my friend brought over a sack of oysters, I decided to risk scratching my new Edisto oyster knife, and use it to open the blue points. (Plus, I figured, it could only add ”character” to the knife.)

WOW! What an intelligently (and beautifully) designed knife! I don’t have a lot of strength in my hands (arthritic), but I was popping open oysters in 30 seconds! (I hope to, eventually, get that time down to about 5 seconds.)

Seeing photos of Chris with his kids wants me to know him better; I sort of wish I lived down South, and had him as a neighbor. But, in a sense, Chris has shared his art, some of his soul, and his integrity with all of us who own one of his knives.

I’m looking forward to the day that I can add another Williams’ knife to my collection of ”props” for my food photography.

Meanwhile, if you see a photo of oysters with an Edisto knife featured in the picture, there’s a fair chance that I shot it!

Product(s) Purchased: Edisto Oyster Knife
- Stan Malinowski (Chicago)

One word…WOW! My dad and I got 2 bushels of some clusters from McClellanville last week and let’s just say your knife did not disappoint. I expected the edge to get a little gnarly and the smooth side of the blade to get roughed up. It still looks brand new! I’m definitely not afraid to use and abuse it now, as it seems to take it well. Again, thanks for this. I will continue to show it off to anyone that will listen! Take care, and best of luck in your adventure…

- Raoul P. Calimlim

I ordered the knife for my fellow – a master oyster steamer and shucker, and one who also appreciates a fine piece of woodworking. It was beautiful, and he was very impressed with the craftsmanship. He used it when we hosted an oyster roast recently, where it was admired by many. Very special indeed.

- Kathy Lange

I just received the 3 oyster knives we had you make. Your work is “art”. These beauties need to be framed and placed on the wall rather than used. They look elegant and have a great feel and heft.

I will be back for more. Well worth the wait.

Messageries de presse Benjamin Inc/Benjamin News Inc
CMMI Canadian Mass Media Inc
- Paul Benjamin

We ordered the Edisto Oyster Knife for my husband for Christmas. We love our oysters here on Gwynns Island as well, from the bounty of the BAY to our homegrown ones! Got it today and he loves it, and so do I. I agree with what Chris wants it to be – a fine tool and a piece of art, worthy of passing down, which we will. Thank you for the pride you take in your talents. We can’t wait to test it out as soon as possible! Happy New Year and all the best.

- Tom & Lucy

I was at an oyster roast in Murrells Inlet, SC over the weekend and won your Edisto Oyster knife. It is so beautifully done that it will never open an oyster for me! Thank you for taking pride in your workmanship.

- Bill Ramsey

I discovered artisan knife maker, Chris Williams and his boutique knife shop, Williams Knife Company in front of a fire in the comfort of home on a rainy afternoon while reading my Garden & Gun magazine. Everything reported in that issue about your knives has proven to be true and then some. The flexible, yet ultra sharp blade allows me to easily work around all contours of furred, feathered, and finned meats not to mention the handy work made of vegetables in the kitchen. The beautiful steel blade definitely gets the job done but the perfectly sculpted exotic wood handles turn heads. I treasure the three blades currently owned, Waccamaw, Ashepoo and Edisto (no flex but an oyster shuckers dream) but they will not be my last. That doesn’t necessarily mean I need more than three knives but I keep tracking them down in the hands of my two sons and it’s getting harder and harder to get them back. Thanks again for providing functional working blades while at the same time creating true works of art that are destined to become family heirlooms.

- Jason Luquire

Waccamaw, Ashepoo & Edisto
I’ve seen a lot of great knives in my time, being associated with many outdoor and conservation organizations, but these are by far the best looking and finest made knives I’ve seen or held. Superb detail and beautiful wood work support an exceptional and aesthetically pleasing blade in each of these pieces of artwork. And the functionality of each knife uncharacteristically surpasses all others. Worth the investment, and definitely worth the wait.

Coastal Conservation Association of South Carolina/State Board Member
National Wild Turkey Federation/Local Chapter Chairman Murrells Inlet, SC
- Chris Hawley

Wando, Edisto & Savannah Skinner
Just a note to thank you for you! After seeing them featured in Garden and Gun, I ordered – on short notice – 5 oyster knives for groomsmen presents. All of my friends are big oyster lovers, and the knives will have lots of good work ahead of them.

Anyway, the knives were beautiful, and Chris’s personal attention to make sure that they were delivered on time went far and beyond the call of duty. You can be rest assured that you have a customer for life! Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

- Dana

I discovered Williams Knife Company through an ad in Garden & Gun Magazine, and I’m so happy that I did! The Long Creek Filet Knife is truly amazing, as is the Edisto Oyster knife, both of which are a work of art. Chris was very helpful in determining what I needed, and he did an excellent job crafting these knives! He has definitely gained a customer for life, and I look forward to my next purchase.

Chris- hurry down to Beaufort so we can shoot sporting clays at the Pap-Kee Club! We have a hell of a range down here, check it out @

- Steve Melton

Long Creek Filet & Edisto

Your knives are simply incredible! Congrats on your continued success, and sincerest thanks for the opportunity to own (and one day pass down) something this unique and functional!

- Tommy Hatcher

Chechessee & May Skinner
I love the oyster knife you made me in September. In honor of your selection, I was in Charleston today and purchased a Redfish knife at the Charleston Angler. Another beautiful handmade knife from you! Best wishes for your continued success.

- Wally Ward


We received the knife on Friday just as planned!!! Funny story…then I’ll tell you his reaction.

I had not told him what it was, but I had told him that it was handmade and one of kind, something he’d love. He had been asking me all week what it could be, and I was telling him that you had called me and this is what I said out loud – “Yeah, the guy called me yesterday and said that the knife would be here tomorrow.” He just looked at me and it took me a second to realize that I had just given it away!!! I was so mad at myself!!!

But UPS delivered it around 1 pm on Friday and he ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! He said it was the best gift that he’s ever gotten (and this is the man that has everything). He was showing it off to everyone over the weekend. My dad was even asking when he was getting one!! I guess I’ll be ordering another soon (maybe Father’s Day).

I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into making such a great knife for him. It was everything I could have ever wanted it to be. Thank you again for helping me and making this a birthday he won’t soon forget!!

We own an 30′ Key West and would love to invite you down to Cherry Grove one weekend to catch some fish and see the knife in action. We’re planning on going down this coming weekend. I will send you some pictures of the knife with our catch!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! (a million times)
- Jessica

It’s an honor for me to carry such a finely hand-crafted knife such as yours, Chris. When my friend handed it to me and said, “this is for you,” I was speechless. The crafting and love you put into this knife really shows your love of making these fine knives. Looking forward to getting a few more. Thanks again.

- Raymond J Baker

 Chris, the knife that you made for my husband’s birthday is beautiful. He loved it! The inscription added the perfect touch. Thank you very much!

- Natalie McConnell

I just got the knife!!! Wow. It made me cry. It is SO beautiful and I can tell it was lovingly crafted. I cannot WAIT to give it to Michael. You are simply the best. THANK YOU for the best present ever. Big hugs from Baton Rouge.

- Sarah

Chris, The filet knife is beautiful! I just wanted you to know how much Andrew loves it. He can’t wait to use it next month in the Keys.

I know you will have much success following the G and G article.

Thank you again!
- Ashley Jones

Chris, the knives just arrived and they look awesome! Even better than I expected! I know everyone that sees them at the event tomorrow night will be extremely impressed.

I can’t thank you enough for also sending a custom knife to me, that was incredibly gracious of you. You’re right the pictures do not do the Desert Ironwood justice.

I’ll definitely be ordering some more knives from you to give as gifts in the future.
- Roger


Thank you so much! I have been planning to capture his reaction to opening the gift and will definitely be sending you a few pictures!

Our first anniversary is on May 8th , I can not tell you how excited I am (and have been) about this gift. I sincerely appreciate your generosity and kindness in helping to make this happen!

I wish you and your business all the best!
- Meghan Hope

Hi Chris, Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the knife that you gave me. I have had it in my living room since Friday and have really been enjoying showing it to many friends and relatives over the holiday weekend. I have been told many times to let you know how beautiful the knife is. Thanks again.

- David

Hey Chris. The knife is beautiful and my husband loves it!!! Thank you so much. I will order another one to add to the new collection. Happy Easter!

- Leslie Goldberg

Hey Chris, Just received the knives and they are really beautiful!

- John Adler

Chris, We received the package containing the cutting board and knife yesterday. They were absolutely beautiful. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you took the time to make them. Knight wanted me to tell you how much he loves them, but it would take an extremely long email to tell how excited and appreciative he is. It was extremely thoughtful of you to include the knife in with the cutting board. He’s already planning on using it more than you could imagine and has made a list of rules for when I use the cutting board. He doesn’t want me to ruin it. Thank you again very much for everything!

- Sarah Stafford

Chris, Great looking knife. I know my brother will be pleased. Now if I can just get him to take me fishing. Thanks for your attention to customer service. Hopefully I’ll be placing other orders in the future. Good luck.

- Paul

Chris, just got the knives – pretty work to say the least and well worth the wait! Thanks again for sending these down and can’t wait to use them this season.

- Zachary Hatch

It’s perfect! Thanks so much for the personal note and dedication. All best!

- Karen

He loved it! He is going to send you an email as well. He says it’s too nice to use :) Thanks again for your help. I will certainly be passing your name along!

- Ashley Clark

The knife is here and it looks wonderful! Thank you for all the time and effort it took to make! I can’t wait to give it to Jed!

- Melissa