5 Essential Oyster Knives for Every Budget


Jan. 17, 2017

A good oyster knife should have two things: a sharp, durable blade and a balanced, ergonomic handle. Everything beyond that is superfluous. Fortunately, a number of manufacturers are forging oyster knives that shed industrial looks in favor of handsome, occasionally bespoke, details. Below, find five oyster knives at a range of price points, each of which looks and works great, suitable for first-time shuckers and oyster aficionados alike.

Hand-forged and fully customizable, the Edisto Collection from Williams Knife Co. features a slightly more pointed tip and flared blade, designed specifically for smaller oysters found along South Carolina’s Lowcountry (though it’s suitable for shucking bivalves regardless of provenance). It’s an investment for sure, but for true oyster aficionados, it’s the best-looking knife around.

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