Spicy Margarita

Spicy Margarita

The Spicy Margarita recipe for a guaranteed good time.

It’s hot outside. That dreaded middle-of-summer heat is in full swing and it’s definitely slowing us down a bit, but somebody did once say that boat days are the best days. Whether it’s salt or fresh, there’s no better way to cool down this time of year than rounding up the crew and heading to the local bar … sandbar that is. When it comes to mixing up the perfect drink for these long summer days, we’re all-in on a good old Spicy Margarita with nothing but fresh ingredients. There’s an easy way to make these, or the right way. We prefer the right way. Scroll on down to your new favorite recipe, mix one up strong, and soak in the heat of summer before it’s gone. Try our Paloma recipe here.


The ingredients: 

-3 limes squeezed (for an added twist, and if you can get them, try it with Key Limes.

-1 half orange squeezed

-1 splash of Cointreau 

-2 oz of Jalapeño-infused Blanco Tequila 

-Ocotillo salt for the rim

-1 cup of ice

The recipe:

First and foremost, infuse your Tequila. While you certainly can muddle in some jalapeños for an influx of heat, the infusion process is easy and keeps consistency in every drink you make. How to do it? Slice up some fresh jalapeños, discard the seeds (unless you like things extra spicy), mix jalapeños into a mason jar with your Blanco Tequila, and set aside in a dark space (cabinet) for a day. The longer the mixture sits, the stronger the outcome. Once it is ready, pour the Tequila through a strainer into a new jar and remove the jalapeños. Time to mix up your Spicy Margarita.

One thing that sets our Spicy Margarita apart is what we salt the rim with. Ocotillo Salt Co. (https://www.ocotillosaltco.com/) out of Austin, TX has created the perfect blend of chili, lime, and salt that hits the tastebuds just right, and is a must on this summertime thirst quencher. The great thing about this salt blend is it also comes in handy for another favorite of ours, the Michelada. More on that later. To prep for the salt, make a slice in a lime, and run it around the rim of your glass. Next up, dip the glass into a saucer filled with the salt. The glass is now ready for liquid. 

Add in your Blanco Tequila, squeezed limes and orange, a splash of Cointreau, and top it off with ice. Mix it up, drink it down, and repeat as necessary. 

The simplicity of the Spicy Margarita makes it a crowd favorite at the sandbar, and making it in front of your friends is guaranteed to draw a crowd. As always, cheers.

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