Texas Teal 2022

Texas Teal 2022

Good times with good people. We packed the truck, loaded up the Decked box, and headed west to spend the weekend with the Heyday Outdoor crew and a bunch of other great people in the beautiful state of Texas. We cannot say thank you enough to JJ Gustafson and the Heyday crew for putting together such an epic weekend. 

Friday 9/23/22 

Day 1 — Everyone was arriving into camp getting ready to kick off the weekend. Once everyone arrived to camp the weekend started with shooting some clays and making a huge competition out of it. Obviously we had to see who the best shot in camp was, which we would have to give to Ol’ Bart. Not only was Bart a hell of a shot but the man can flat out cook, and he prepared some awesome meals for us all weekend long. 

Saturday 9/24/22 

Day 2 - The first morning of hunting has kicked off, and all of the groups headed out to the blinds that morning. Every single group had a hell of a time shooting a bunch of birds. Once everyone arrived back at camp after the morning hunt, it was time to line ‘em up and get pictures with the pile of birds. Yes we all do love a big pile of birds, but this weekend was so much more than that. It was a great time with some of the best people in the industry and spending time with good buddies and making new ones. After the hunt we spent the rest of the day hanging around camp playing corn hole, riding the can ams, shooting clays and enjoying the best BBQ around prepared by Ol Bart. 

Sunday 9/25/22

Day 3 - This is where we say our farewell to everyone in camp, but first we had to get in for one last hunt in the morning before we packed our bags and made the drive back to Birmingham. Again the morning was absolutely awesome with every group shooting a bunch of birds. The blinds were filled with stories, laughter and smiles. This will be a trip that we will never forget and one for the memory books. 

Want to have a teal adventure of your own? Here are a few tips for hunting teal in Texas:

When Is Teal Season in Texas?

Teal season in Texas follows the birds’ arrival in the state and usually kicks off the second week of September, then runs for about two weeks. Before you think about sharpening your bird knife, make sure you have the most recent Texas teal hunting dates and regulations by visiting the Texas Parks and Wildlife page.

Where To Find Teal in Texas

Some of the best teal hunting in Texas is found in the flooded rice fields between Houston and San Antonio. However, teal can be found throughout much of the state, so talking with a local shop or guide service will lead you to the best teal hunting nearby.

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