The Best Knife For Turkey Hunting

The Best Knife For Turkey Hunting

If you only take one knife into the woods this turkey season, this is the one.

There are few greater sounds in life than that of a turkey gobble before the sun peaks over the horizon. Miles off the grid, all is still in the world as the woods begin to wake, and that piercing sound sends shivers through the pines while every hair on your neck stands tall. He’s near, and hopefully all of your hard work leading up to this moment is about to pay off big time. The shot rings out, and victory is won. Now it’s time to clean your harvest, but did you bring along the right hunting knife for the job? Let’s take a look at how we designed the best turkey hunting knife on the market.

Turkey Track

What is the best knife for turkey hunting?

The Williams Bird Knife is the perfect knife for turkey hunting. Its thin drop-point shape and M390 super steel blade were designed to make every step of processing a turkey easier and faster. 

Turkey season is right around the corner for most regions across the country, and as the winter months begin to warm we know it’s the only thing on your mind. As you begin the prep work to gear up for the season ahead, choosing the right hunting knife for turkey season is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Choosing the wrong style knife (like a skinner blade for Whitetail deer) will limit you immensely when it comes time to make precision cuts, so make sure you’re prepared for turkey season with the Williams Bird Knife.

Bird Knife with Tagged Bird

Out of the entire Williams lineup, which includes knives for hunting, fishing, oyster shucking, and everyday carry, the Bird Knife was built for cleaning birds and it does a fine job at exactly that. Whether you’re notching out that turkey tag after a successful hunt, or removing turkey breast from the bones, the Bird Knife features a surgical-size blade with a subtle teardrop point, allowing for precision while dressing out your turkey (or any other small game you harvest). The M390 super steel blade coupled with a sturdy, slightly oversized G-10 handle makes this knife a durable, easy-to-use workhorse. It’s offered in multiple colors, including blaze orange, in case you’re one of those guys who tends to lose their knife in the woods. The Bird Knife is built to last for many turkey seasons to come, and to be passed down to the next generation.  

Cleaning turkey with orange bird knife

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