The Best Way To Display Your Hunting Knives

The Best Way To Display Your Hunting Knives

However small or large, your knife collection deserves to be displayed. From heirloom knives passed down through generations to more modern collections, showing off your hunting knives not only makes for a nice presentation but it also keeps them safe and accessible. Knife displays come in a variety of configurations, including rolls, cases, and pouches, and they offer options for every collector. But all these storage styles can make choosing the best way to display your hunting knives a bit challenging, and require planning around your own unique collection. 

How To Display Your Hunting Knives

Always display hunting knives in a safe space after you’ve cleaned and sharpened them so that they’re ready to use when you need them. Hunting knives can be stored in a variety of ways, including in a formal display case or inside knife bags, or using a utilitarian tool cabinet or stackable drawers — it’s up to you to decide which works and looks best. 

To display your knives:

  1. Choose your desired display
  2. Clean and sharpen your knives
  3. Organize your knives by function or design in the display
  4. Secure the display in position and lock any closures on it

The Best Way To Display Hunting Knives & Show Them Off

Since hunting knives can vary widely in size and design, a versatile display like a glass case is the best way to showcase your collection. Wood-framed, glass-topped display cases allow you to arrange your knives in any layout and keep them organized and protected while in storage. The latch-style display cases are best for this application because they allow easy access when you want to grab a knife and head out into the field for bird season, or when you’re scouting ahead of deer season.

How Do You Store Hunting Knives Safely?

The safest way to store hunting knives is in a safe; if you own a gun safe, you can store your knives in it, too. A safe not only protects children from accessing your knives, but the right safe will also protect your knives against theft and fire. There are several ways to organize your knives inside of your safe, but a MOLLE (or PALS) panel strapped to the back of the safe door with “mini pouches” attached to hold your knives is probably the safest and most efficient way to organize and store all of your hunting knives. A MOLLE system will allow you to custom-design your display to your liking and can accommodate pretty much any size knife, sheath, or accessory. You can store your sharpeners and cleaning supplies inside it, too.

The Best Way To Display Pocket Knives

Folding knife collections can easily be displayed just about anywhere, but the best way to display everyday carry pocket knives is on a wall-mounted magnetic display. Because the magnets in the display are attracted to the iron in the blade, this storage option requires your folding blades to be opened, which also looks the best. And since you’re likely rotating which pocket knives you use on a regular basis, the magnetic display allows you to grab a knife quickly and easily, without needing to open a display case. For showing off everything from your grandfather’s Texas Toothpick to the best everyday carry knife in your collection, wall-mounted magnetic knife displays are the easiest, most efficient, and best looking knife displays.

As your collection changes, you may need to change your display along with it. Fabric or hard-sided cases, knife rolls, and knife bags all provide protection and organization, and any one of these may be the most attractive solution in different situations. Try a few options to see which works best for you. Fortunately, most knife display and storage products are reasonably inexpensive — literally, a small price to pay for protecting your knives!

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I have a custom built gun case and had dividers built in the top drawer for all my knives. Easy to pick and chose what Williams knife I want that day. Need to add a bird knife to my collection!

John W. Wayman

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