The Fishing Collection

Inshore Fillet

Keeps An Edge

Stays sharp and precise, so you don’t waste any fish, or miss any stories.

Inshore Fillet

Works Effortlessly

Balanced and ergonomic, it’s a blade that becomes an extension of your hand.

Lasts for Generations

Stainless steel blades, rock-solid handles, and molded sheaths for all marine adventures.

  • Blade Length

  • Total Length

  • Handle Material

  • Blade Material

    Stainless Steel

The more you use it, the sharper the memories.

When you’ve combined the skills, effort, time, and resources necessary to bring in a great day’s catch, don’t spoil the moment of triumph (or dinner) struggling with an inferior knife. Our fishing knives are meant to make the cleaning of your catch an effortless, enjoyable experience. And a time to enjoy making memories and swapping stories among the generations of your fishing family.