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Inshore Fillet

The Inshore Fillet knife has all the qualities a great fillet knife must possess: a razor sharp blade that will retain its edge; a handle feel that positions the blade for a perfect trailing motion behind the hand; and corrosion resistance for the rigors of the harshest environments. With its S30v stainless steel blade, sturdy G-10 finger-grooved handle, and molded protective sheath, the Offshore Fillet is ready for generations of water-filled adventures and unforgettable fishing stories.


12.5 in

Blade Length
7 in

Handle Material

Blade Material
S30v Stainless Steel


Inshore Fillet Specs

  • Blade Length

    7 in
  • Blade Material

    S30v Stainless Steel
  • Locking

    Fixed Blade
  • Total Length

    12.5 in
  • Handle Material

  • Clip

Includes Kydex sheath

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Beautiful Knife, Topnotch Customer Service

I bought this knife for primarily three reasons:

1. High quality steel (s30v). I don't think there is a fillet knife on the market with better steel than this knife!
2. American made
3. Individually owned business

It did not disappoint. The knife's craftmanship is as good as it gets. The sheath is also wonderfully made. I particularly like that you can add or remove it to your belt without having to undo your belt. That's a great detail!

I initially had a small concern about the knife, and Mr. Williams himself reached out to me to resolve the issue. His professionalism and attention to customer service is top notch! I was so impressed with this, I went ahead and ordered another knife (you can never have too many!)

Zach Hoffa
It’s hard to find a knife this good.

I worked for five year on a trout hatchery that ran a processing plant and fee fishing. I’ve cleaned more trout than you and every person you’ve ever fished with have caught in your entire life. (Bold statement that I feel I can honestly make) I have not worked there for ten years now. I regularly since have cleaned sunfish, bass, trout and yellow perch by the thousands a year for the past decade. So my opinion I feel is trustworthy.

At the hatchery we used victornox boning knifes. They were great for the trout and easy to sharpen. They did not hold the best edge and they are subpar for other species that require skinning. So my search has been on for the best fillet knives. Blade steels are a huge rabbit hole and I went deep down it. This fillet knife by willams is my favorite 7” fillet knife I’ve found. The s30v steel is absolutely fantastic. It holds its edge miles ahead any stainless steel you will find in any other knife. For the price this is the best money you can spend if you’re looking for a 7” blade. First thought out of the box was that the handle felt slick, but with wet hands the g-10 texture and shape of handle proved to be fantastic. Since owning it I’ve cleaned a dozen trout, 30 large perch and three bass and it’s factory edge STILL SHAVES HAIR. 10/10. Great knife willams!!!!

James Mccullough
Fillet knife

Top notch. Great craftsmanship. Too early to see how the edge holds Very satisfied so far

Daniel Batts

Good service. Great knife.

Tim Milligan
Fillet knife online purchase...

Delivered in days. Great communication and customer service. Fantastic knife! Thanks, Williams Knife Co.!