Choosing the Right Hunting Knife

Choosing the Right Hunting Knife

Choosing the right hunting knife is a big deal, and includes understanding what makes a good hunting knife in the first place, knowing the right knife size for you, and choosing the type of blade that works best for your lifestyle. Read on to learn which of these five hunting knives might be the optimal choice for you.

1 | Bird Knife – Made To Feel Right At Home In The Field / Strength and Precision For Any Season

Designed for the bird hunter’s entire arsenal of needs, our 6.75-in. Bird Knife is perfect for smaller targets, with a blade that’s built for finesse without sacrificing an ounce of strength. So, it’s still able to field dress a goose or turkey with the best of them. The M390 super steel blade and slightly oversized G-10 handle make it a durable, easy-to-use workhorse hunting knife that’s good for everything from everyday cutting tasks to bird season. Any bird season. If you spend all 60 days chasing waterfowl or stay in the woods all quail season, this is the right hunting knife for you.

2 | Whitetail Skinner – Made For The Hunt. Any Hunt. / At The Ready In Any Season

Strong, dependable, and loyal, the 8-in. Whitetail Skinner is a hunting knife that will never let you down. This blade can conquer any cutting task, making even the toughest jobs easy. With an M390 super steel blade and sturdy G-10 handle, it’s built to last a lifetime and is trusted by big-game hunters everywhere. It features the perfect blend of durability, performance, and precision you need during hunting season — whether field dressing a deer or making dinner at the cabin. If you take only one hunting knife into the wilderness to be ready for anything, make it this one. 

3 | Paracord – Light, Heavy-Duty Durability For Hunting Season / Making Every Ounce Count

The 8.5-in. Paracord Knife is the best hunting knife for you if you’re looking for something ultra-light, ultra-compact, and ultra-durable. With a lightweight woven handle and M390 super steel blade, it’s low  in weight but essential in use. Whether it's backpacking in the Rockies, field dressing your latest trophy, or pretty much any other adventure you can throw its way, this hunting knife is at the ready and up for whatever. Made with performance in mind, it’s the go-to choice when you need maximum knife control in harsh conditions. 

4 | RX Flipper – An Everyday Carry That’s Ready For Any Season / Compact. Comfortable. Ready To Hunt. 

Why is the RX Flipper the perfect everyday carry companion knife that can carry you through hunting season? Because it’s designed to handle just about anything. The 8-in. RX Flipper features a razor-sharp drop-point CPM154 steel blade built specifically to retain its edge, a textured G-10 handle for a sturdy grip, and an extended oval for easy, one-hand opening. So it won’t take long for this versatile knife to be your go-to for everything from the camp to the quail blind. It’s no wonder it’s one of our highest-rated hunting knives. 

5 | Glide Folder – The Evolution Of The Everyday Carry / An Everyday Carry Made To Outlive You

The 6.5-in. Glide Folder marks the next generation of everyday carry hunting knives. Forged with premium materials and die-hard construction, this knife was made to endure the rigors of hunting, season after season. With its tough M390 blade and unyielding G-10 frame, the Glide Folder is always up to the task, whether that task is down-and-dirty field dressing or just a daily chore. It also features interchangeable carry attachments and a gliding lock mechanism for maximum safety and ease of use. It’s the knife you need to carry you through the season with confidence.

No matter what, owning a hunting knife you can depend on is important. One that’s built for the task at hand, whatever that task is. Perhaps you’re the kind of game hunter looking for a razor-sharp knife sturdy enough to perform the ancient dressing rituals of the field with speed, grace, and efficiency. Or perhaps you’re the kind of knife lover who needs a rock-solid, world-class blade for daily use. Either way, our hunting blades are unbeatable, from the bush to your weekend adventures. Our selection of dependable, well-built blades offers a range of features, functions, and performance tech to help you out while you’re out on the hunt. But the best part is, our hunting knives are built to last for a lifetime. So, just like a good hunting story, you can pass them down to the next generation.