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Chad Bell

Born in the north but raised in the deep south of southern Mississippi(Gulfport, MS) and now having lived the majority of his life in south Louisiana(Baton Rouge), Chad Bell was introduced to hunting and the outdoors at the age of 15.  His father was not an outdoorsman so his introduction to the world of whitetail hunting was shared with him by his best friend and on his first ever real hunt, he killed a whitetail and his passion for the outdoors and the experiences of adventure have grown with every season!  Chad's first love is whitetails but when he moved to the Sportsman's Paradise, he was introduced to duck hunting and that became a new found challenge to learn to call and properly lay out a spread of decoys to lure wary waterfowl in close enough whether in the Louisiana marsh or in the flooded timber of Mississippi, which is his favorite type of waterfowl hunting.  There is just something about those cypress swamps and piles of greenheads filtering down through the tree tops and into our spread that gets me going.  Now, after a couple of learning curve years and the last couple being successful years, turkey hunting has also become an exciting way to extend the season and spend more time in the outdoors!  Since 2010, being able to affiliate with some of the best hunting gear companies in the industry has helped fuel the passion for testing the limits of his gear, his physical ability and desire to help bring the best gear possible to all outdoors lovers so they too can enjoy the experience!