Pro Staff

  • Don Wilson

    Hunting has been a part of Don Wilson's life for a long, long time.  Starting with his Dad at the age of 10 on his grandparents farm, Don, his Dad ...
  • Scott Brandon

    To say that Hunting and fishing is in Scott Brandon’s blood does not do justice to the impact the outdoors has had on his life. At a very early age...
  • Jess McGlothin

    The founder and owner of Jess McGlothlin Media, Jess has spent years traveling and exploring the world. While her photography and writing primarily focuses on fishing and the outdoors, she has also worked on projects with the U.S. military and several disaster response groups for national and international publications. She has teamed with The New York Times, Patagonia, YETI, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, Outside Magazine, Orvis, and Costa Del Mar, along with dozens of other publications and companies, and she’s frequently published in the U.S. and abroad.

    In the past several years, she’s worked in Russia, Cuba, Samoa, French Polynesia, Alaska, Belize, and many other destinations, and has learned how to throw spears at coconuts in French Polynesia, dodge saltwater crocodiles in Cuba, swim with tiger sharks in Samoa, and eat all manner of unidentifiable food.

  • Drew Chicone

    Drew Chicone is an author, award-winning outdoor writer & fly designer, photographer, lecturer, and materials expert, whose passion for teaching the art of fly tying has inspired numerous how-to articles, books and detailed instructional guides. He has lived and breathed the sport since he was tall enough to sit at the vise, and his fly creations are well known and in high demand among saltwater anglers and guides across the globe.
  • Chad Bell

    Born in the north but raised in the deep south of southern Mississippi(Gulfport, MS) and now having lived the majority of his life in south Louisia...